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Why we are here !

Thailand : Agricultural Country

It is the fact that 80% of area in Thailand is for agricultural. (108 mil Rai or approx. 42.7 mil. Acre). It generates income over 645 billion Baht a year. Growth rate is between 2.5%-3.5% a year.

Thai Tradition & Culture

From generation to generation, besides being the country of SMILE, Thai traditional and culture based mainly on “Giving & Sharing” such natural herbs for health and lifestyle would be a gift to all mankind.

Industrial 4.0 toward Thailand 4.0

Lack of R & D for Agriculture and Product Development, people move to the industrial sectors utilizing machine and technology IT.

Climate Change Problem

It mainly results to increase temperature & Carbon dioxide (CO2). Changes in the frequency and severity of droughts and floods made it more difficult to grow crops.

Creating Competitive Edge

We need to do something to "Strengthening economic of Thailand from the grass roots level." Utilizing modern technology to increase qualitative and quantitative of Produces is our hope.

Herbs Healing

We wish to reduce importing modern medicine and encouraging Thai people to utilize herbs. Creating world-class standard "Made in Thailand Products" is to help strengthening positive demand which would enable the whole country to follow our King Rama 9's theory of Sustainable Life. Reference : Picture credits to Matichon Online dated August 08, 2018